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For every set of PHENOM sold, TaylorMade will donate $20 to PGA REACH to support PGA Junior League Golf.

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Designed to give aspiring young golfers the tools they need to pick up and enjoy the game, Phenom exists to build a foundation of confidence and spark the passion that drives every golfer. Incorporating the same technologies used by the best players in the world, Phenom provides easy-to-play clubs that place a focus on fun while building the foundation for a lifelong connection to the game and a lasting bond with those they play with.

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Shafts have been flex-optimized and made to exacting lengths to help develop proper fundamentals.

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Grips have been developed to meet the needs of smaller hands, allowing proper feel throughout the swing.

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Junior Size Guide:

Measure fingertips to floor to determine proper size.


6 PC / AGES 5-8

Includes: Driver, Rescue, 7 Iron, Sand Wedge, Putter and Bag


8 PC / AGES 9-12

Includes: Driver, Fairway, Rescue, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Sand Wedge, Putter and Bag

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6 PC / AGES 5-8


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kids golf bag

8 PC / AGES 9-12


The PGA Jr. League Golf flag logo is used with the permission of PGA Foundation, Inc. $20 donation from TaylorMade not tax deductible for purchaser. Please consult your tax advisor.