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May 27, 2020

S.H. Park's Powerful Driver Swing

With a swing like this, it's no wonder S.H. Park ranked 6th last season on the LPGA Tour's average driving distance leaderboard. In this super slow motion video captured earlier this year, she shows off her power swing that yields such consistent, and big, results swinging the all-new SIM driver from TaylorMade Golf.

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Tiger Returns to Live Golf | The Match 2: Champions for Charity

Golf is the biggest winner as Tiger returns to live competition this Sunday in a charity match to raise money for COVID-19 relief. To celebrate, TaylorMade is giving you the chance to win a set of P7TW irons built to Tiger’s specs in a special drawing....

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Tiger Woods Slow-Mo Driver Swing

Over the course of his career, Tiger has rebuild his golf swing a number times. Whether it was a coaching change or bouncing back from injury, he has always found a way to compete at the highest level. Perhaps no other golfer in the history of the game has seen so much success with different swings....

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Tiger-isms - Tiger Woods Mic'd Up at Our Photoshoot

Tiger Woods sees and feels the game like no one else. So when he's describing what he sees or how he approaches a shot feel, we're all ears. From "shrimper" to the "spanky wedge", Tiger has tons of interesting descriptors and insight in his holster. So we decided to take a collection of our favorite...

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Review: TaylorMade Driving Relief

Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson win TaylorMade Driving Relief Skins Match over Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff. But golf is the real winner, as more than $5 million was raised in support of COVID-19 relief....

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JPO 101

Top 5 TaylorMade Carry Bags

In these times, we’re all walking a little more as courses open back up. And in this case, it’s not just for our own good. It’s for the good everyone. As you prepare for the trek, here’s a breakdown of the Top 5 TaylorMade carry bags....

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Tiger, DJ, Collin & Team TaylorMade Write Their Love Letter to Golf

Dear Golf, we've missed everything about you. We're so glad you're back. Tiger, DJ, Jason, Maria, Wolff, Collin, Sierra and the whole Team TaylorMade squad helped us celebrate the return of the game we all love. We've missed hitting our favorite golf courses with our friends, the competition of a cl...

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Seminole Sunset Aerial

Course Confidential: Hole-By-Hole at Seminole Golf Club

Legendary club professional Bob Ford takes us on a detailed walk-through of Seminole Golf Club, host of TaylorMade Driving Relief....

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Rory McIlroy Talks Ryder Cup, The Masters & The TM Photoshoot

In a special edition of Tour Talks with Chris Trott, World No. 1 and Team TaylorMade's Rory McIlroy stops by to fill us in on how he's been staying busy during quarantine. Rory chats with Trottie about at-home practice, his favorite Ryder Cup moments, what he thinks about the possibility of no fans ...

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TaylorMade Driving Relief

In partnership with NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Sky Sports and the PGA Tour, Team TaylorMade athletes are headlining TaylorMade Driving Relief – a $3 million-dollar charity skins match supported by UnitedHealth Group to raise money and awareness for organizations leading the COVID-19 relief efforts....

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Spin the Wheel Shot Shape CHALLENGE With Rory, DJ and Jason

We see week in and week out just how talented Team TaylorMade is. But what if we give them just a moments notice to pull off the shot? Enter: The Shot Shape Challenge Wheel! Watch as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day take turns spinning the wheel for one another, then call out at the last s...

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TM Ace Cam Jason Day

EAL Ace Cam With Jason Day

Erik Anders Lang's search for that elusive hole-in-one continues! This time, he's enlisted the help of major champion and Team TaylorMade member, Jason Day. Armed with their wedges, 9-iron and golf balls, the two take turns trying to make an ace on camera, all while trading fun stories about the gam...

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Jason Day Reading a Putt

How Jason Day Reads a Putt

Jason Day's process of reading a green starts from the moment he approaches it. Here's a step-by-step breakdown on how one of the best to roll it, does it....

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Tour Talks With Martin Kaymer

Martin Kaymer and TaylorMade Golf's director of sports marketing Chris Trott have a unique history with one another. As a young Tour rep, Trottie helped the former World No. 1 dial in his TaylorMade driver the week of his PGA Championship triumph in 2010. The bag sitting behind Trottie during this s...

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MAM Gclub

Three Quick & Easy Tips to Sharpen Your Short Game

How does that old saying go? "The first thing after a long layoff from golf to leave you is your touch and short game feel"? Well, that doesn't have to be the case! Piers from Me and My Golf is here to show you three quick and easy golf tips that you can use to help keep your short game sharp and re...

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300 Yard Walks With Jon Rahm

New tech, the new SIM driver, how to handle bad lies in the fairway, swing thoughts and more. This 300-Yard Walk with World No. 2 Jon Rahm and Trottie covers a lot of ground. Rahm gives you the lowdown on what he expects and looks forward to every year at the TaylorMade Photoshoot. Then he breaks do...

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TM Ace Cam Dustin Johnson

EAL Ace Cam With Dustin Johnson

This episode of the TaylorMade x Erik Anders Lang Ace Cam adventure features none other than major champion Dustin Johnson. DJ and Erik break down the major champion's style of play, how many hole-in-ones are on his resume, and Erik asks DJ if he gets an ace here — does it actually count? See if eit...

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Button Etiquette, Flight Rituals & Tour Stories with Harry Higgs | Tour Talks

One of the more colorful characters on the PGA Tour, Harry Higgs is quickly becoming a fan favorite for his style of play and authentic attitude off the course. In this installment of TaylorMade Tour Talks, Higgs sits down for a lengthy interview with @trottiegolf to talk about A LOT of topics, incl...

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How to Practice With pix

How you can use TP5/TP5x pix to practice your putting while indoors....

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Team TaylorMade Shot Shape Wall Challenge

High, low, fade, draw — Team TaylorMade has all the shots. We tasked Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Matt Wolff and Collin Morikawa to hit as many fun and creative shots as they could around, over and through a 25-foot wall that stood less than 20 yards ahead of them....

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