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Dustin Johnson is your 2020 Masters Champion. Even the normally stoic big man couldn’t hold back the emotion when that childhood dream became a reality.

“It’s a dream come true. As I kid, I always dreamed about being a Masters Champion. It’s just incredible.”

Dustin Johnson

Johnson carries himself with the swagger of a ball player. That generally carefree demeanor melted away in his post-round interview. Winning the Masters will do that to anyone, especially when it’s Tiger who welcomes you to the club as he drapes the jacket across your shoulders.

Fittingly, DJ’s record-setting 72-hole score of 20-under par topped Tiger’s legendary 1997 Masters where he set the bar at 18-under. Reaching that pinnacle of performance requires precision, intent and execution on every single shot. To celebrate DJ’s historic victory, let’s recap each shot from his final round and the clubs he used to hit them.

No. 1 | 445 Yards | Par 4

DJ starts the day with a 3-wood off the opening tee that traveled 273 yards. It was a strategic club choice, ensuring that he would stay short of the fairway bunker down the right side. A 9-iron from 159 yards found the putting surface and it was a stress-free par to start.

No. 2 | 575 Yards | Par 5

A driver down the right side traveled 323 yards and carried the bunker. A 3-wood landed short of the green-side bunker before a mis-hit with wedge landed in the sand. His 60° out settled to 5ft and he saved par.

DJ's second shot at No. 2.
DJ's second shot at No. 2.
No. 3 | 350 Yards | Par 4

A 323-yard drive nearly reached the green. A flip wedge from 17 yards led to his first birdie of the day.

No. 4 | 240 Yards | Par 3

DJ pulls 4-iron from 240 yards and the shot settles just short of the front edge. Three putts later (one from the fringe) and it’s the first bogey on the card.

No. 5 | 495 Yards | Par 4

This was the most difficult hole all week with a scoring average of 4.27. A 300-yard drive down the left side found the fairway bunker and forced him to layup with a wedge. A heat-seeking 9-iron got him to 7ft before near miss gave him back to back bogeys.

No. 6 | 180 Yards | Par 3

Needing to right the ship, Dustin pulls 8-iron from 180 and knocks it to 7ft. Birdie…back on track.

No. 7 | 450 Yards | Par 4

Driver found trouble down the right side with overhanging limbs blocking his approach to the green. A 5-iron punch out reached the green-side bunker where a soft touch with a 60° helped him get up and down for par.

DJ's major winning bag.
DJ's major winning bag.
No. 8 | 570 Yards | Par 5

A towering 327-yard drive split the fairway. With 244 yards remaining to the green, 7-wood was the perfect club. Two putts later and he has another birdie.

No. 9 | 460 Yards| Par 4

Driverwedge on a 460-yard hole. Must be nice.

No. 10 | 495 Yards | Par 4

DJ makes the turn at 1-under for the day (17-under overall). He grabs 3-wood off the tee and plays it down the left side of the fairway. He takes 5-iron from 214 and finds the center of the green.

No. 11 | 505 Yards | Par 4

A drive of 292 yards left him with another 5-iron into this daunting par 4. His approach settled right of the green, before DJ grabbed his 60° and showed off his short game – getting up and down from a challenging location.

No. 12 | 155 Yards | Par 3

This begins the most famous three-hole stretch in golf. The wind can wreak havoc on this short par-3 and club selection is critical. Dustin grabs 8-iron and plays it masterfully. Keep in mind, he hit this same club 180 yards earlier in the round. Par and let’s move on.

No. 13 | 510 Yards | Par 5

This sharp dogleg left doesn’t exactly set up for DJ’s cut. Playing smart, he chose to layup with a 6-iron after his 263-yard 3-wood found the right side of the fairway. A 60°wedge from 98 yards into the green settled 13ft from the pin and led to another birdie. 18-under-par and a tie with Tiger for the all-time low at Augusta.

DJ's 60° wedge from 98 yards led a birdie at No. 13.
DJ's 60° wedge from 98 yards led a birdie at No. 13.
No. 14 | 440 Yard | Par 4

A towering 323-yard drive finds center cut. Playing quickly, a 52° wedge made short work of this hole as he tallied a second birdie in a row.

No. 15 | 530 Yards | Par 5

The last of the par 5s. DJ takes driver down the left side 301 yards, which meant a grove of trees would make it difficult for him to reach the green in two. Choosing again to play it smart, he lays up with an 8-iron leaving himself with a 56° wedge into the green. Another birdie and Dustin is 20-under. Par home for a new 72-hole record.

No. 16 | 170 Yards | Par 3

A controlled 7-iron finds the green and leads to a routine two-putt par.

No. 17 | 440 Yards | Par 4

DJ throttles down with driver on this tree-lined beaut. A smooth 306 yards down the middle gives him pitching wedge into the green.

No. 18 | 465 Yards | Par 4

All gas. With the jacket in sight, Dustin unleashes a 327-yard drive that finds the fairway. A 52° wedge from 123 yards leads to a two-putt par and his first Masters title.

Banging driver at the last.
Banging driver at the last.
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