FIRST LOOK: New P790 Irons, Milled Grind 2 Wedges, TP Patina Putters & MG Big Foot

Steve Breazeale August 12, 2019
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So I’m sure most of you are aware by now, but in case you aren’t, we announced some AWESOME new products this week!

From irons to wedges and putters, these new TaylorMade golf clubs are here to help you play your best. They’re packed with innovative technologies (both new and improved) and they’ll be available for purchase soon.

But in the meantime, I’m here to give you guys a close-up look at the new sticks and highlight some key features along the way. If you have any questions about these new clubs, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll respond!

Let’s start things off with:

The all-new P·790 Irons!

The motto for the new P·790s is: “You don’t mess with what works. You work to make it better”. Following the huge success and incredible feedback we received following the launch of the first P·790s over two years ago, our engineers didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with this one. Instead, they set out to redesign this fan favorite to make it even better.

Right away you’ll notice a few differences just in terms of aesthetics. The back of the club has been cleaned up and just has the lone, black TaylorMade logo. It’s also got a different finish on the clubhead, which really pops in the sunlight.

But it’s what is inside (and under) this forged, hollow-body bad boy that has all of us excited about what it can do for your game.

P·790 still has SpeedFoam injected into it to help for improved sound and feel. Then there’s a tungsten weight, which is located lower in the clubface than the previous model to help support a higher launching ball flight.

The face itself is actually seven percent thinner than the previous model and is powered by Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PCIT).

When looking down at this beauty, players will notice a slightly thinner top line at address while underneath, the sole of the club was redesigned to have anti-digging properties to improve turf interaction and playability.

I game the first generation of P·790 and can’t wait to give these a hit.

Milled Grind 2 Wedge

If you’ve been paying attention to our social channels the past few days, you’ve probably seen a lot of photos of grooves. That’s because, with the new Milled Grind 2 Wedge, it’s all about the face.

These spin machines come with an airtight sticker on them at retail, which, once removed, begins an oxidation process on the raw (!) face. The rest of the club is not raw, but the face will start to weather and give you that players look and feel. The raw face is designed to help improve spin and feel on those short game shots.

The club features a milled grind sole for consistent, and optimal, turf interaction.

There are two offerings of this wedge: Satin Chrome and in Matte Black.

These new wedges are no joke. I put a 56-degree MG2 in the bag and after two rounds it’s already becoming one of my favorite clubs. It feels much softer to me on both full and short shots around the green and the physical feedback in my hands is great. I wasn’t sure if I’d be a fan of the raw look, but after a few rounds I can see it starting to weather and I’m actually enjoying it. It looks cool and feels good. What more could I ask for?

TP Patina Collection

Aside from being great flatsticks that are designed to help you roll in more putts, these new TP Patina Collection putters are just plain pretty.

Seriously, take a look at these photos and tell me that's not a good lookin’ putter.

Agreed? Ok, moving on.

The TP Patina Collection builds on some classic favorites, like the blade style Juno and Soto and Ardmore mallet line, with new twists. This new line has a thicker, 5-millimeter aluminum Pure Roll insert and has a new black nickel and copper finish to get that vintage look. This finish will oxidize over time to make that look even cooler down the line.

Check out the back of the putters. In a move from previous models, the Pure Roll insert is now secured by two screws in the cavity. This creates a tighter bond between the face and the clubhead to help avoid air pockets underneath.

There’s also two new models!

There is a new mallet offering in the Dupage. And there is a new square back putter in the Del Monte.

Milled Grind Hi-Toe Big Foot Wedge

This club is all about forgiveness.

It’s got all the same characteristics of the popular MG Hi-Toe wedge, but with a few drastic changes. First is the sole, which is flat and WIDE. It’s 32 millimeters across. It’s also got an anti-digging leading edge and 15° of bounce. So this thing is essentially flub-proof (although my game might put that to the test). It comes in two lofts (58° and 60°).

The club feels nice in hand, and at address you can see how dramatic the sole is. The leading edge of the club is barely touching the ground when I set up to hit a chip shot. This should help a lot of golfers who struggle to hit shots around the green and will no doubt be super forgiving out of the sand. Just looking at it makes me think I can get out of any bunker with ease.

Well, that’s a wrap on all the new Fall product from us here at TaylorMade. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Send them all my way in a comment below. And let us know which club you’re most interested in testing out and adding to your bag!