This Thing is MONEY! Rory Discovers SIM Max Rescue at Our Photoshoot

March 2, 2020
The surprise hit at TaylorMade Golf's annual photoshoot in Florida, Rory McIlroy uncovered the all-new SIM Max Rescue in his bag and made it known to all those around him. After spending some time hitting it, the club made its way into his bag to start the 2020 PGA Tour season. The club's versatility (Rory commented how he could hit both high and low shots with it) quickly has become it's calling card. The rescue found its way into Rory's bag practically by accident. TaylorMade Golf product engineers originally built the club in Rory's specs for him, but the club was never supposed to make it "on set" at the shoot. Somehow, it got placed in the bag. The rest is now history.

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