TaylorMade Used Golf Club Trade-in Program

Chris Edwards December 4, 2018
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It's about time for some spring cleaning.

Let's start by taking a look in your garage. If you're a golfer, chances are high that there's an abandoned bag full of old, dusty golf clubs lying around somewhere. Chances are also high that those clubs will never be used again... so why not see if there's any value remaining in them?

With TaylorMade's Used Golf Club Trade-In Program, you can send in your used clubs from any manufacturer—yes, we will accept ANY major equipment brand—and put that value toward upgrading your clubs to the latest and greatest TaylorMade has to offer. Ready to see what Twist Face is all about? Ready to take advantage of the latest iron technology in M3 and M4 irons? Send in your used clubs and you can significantly cut the cost of your new equipment.

Even if you don't have extra clubs laying around, the equipment you're currently playing will likely have even higher trade-in value. The typical golfer upgrades their driver every 3 years and upgrades irons every 5 years, so whether you're nearing that range, outside of that range, or just itching to experience our 2018 equipment offerings, now is the perfect time to explore the trade-in process.

By following THIS LINK, you can quickly check your estimated used club value, explore the trade-in process, and see FAQs about the program. To go even deeper into the process and benefits of TaylorMade's Used Club Trade-In Program, we spoke to TaylorMade's Director of eCommerce, Matt Kneller, to get all the details.


Why does TaylorMade offer a trade-in program?

"For us, it's a great opportunity to get new equipment into consumers' bags by giving them value for their old clubs. Many people see Tour players using the latest and greatest TaylorMade equipment, and that gets a lot of golfers excited about our new technology. Our trade-in program gives those golfers the chance to get some trade-in dollars put toward their new order."

What is the TaylorMade trade-in process?

"The process is pretty simple. We partner with TaylorMade Pre-Owned and use a value guide that basically lists every club that has been made (by TaylorMade or other brands). That way, the consumer can easily go in, find the club they want to trade in, and see the associated value of that club.

You can add multiple clubs as well. If you have multiple drivers, several fairway woods, and a set of irons, you can combine it all toward a purchase of a new driver or whatever new product you're looking to buy. There's no limit to the number of clubs you can add to your trade-in, as long as the trade-in value of your clubs is not greater than your order total.

As you're checking out, you will see your new order total as well as what your trade-in credit will be to give you the net total of your purchase. At the time of your order, you will be charged the full amount... your credit will be issued after we received your used clubs.

Once you receive your new purchase, we then ask you to send in your used trade-in golf clubs. To send them in, you can use the packaging of your club(s) along with the pre-paid shipping label that will be emailed to you.

Once we receive your shipment and verify that you sent in the correct clubs in the condition you said they were in, we will issue the credit back to whatever form of payment you used."

What kind of condition do trade-in golf clubs need to be in?

"We expect the club to have normal wear and tear. We understand that they are used golf clubs and they will not be perfect. What we have to protect against are broken shafts, big chips in the club, significant sky-marks on a driver, clubs without grips—anything that makes the club unplayable."

How much value can golfers expect to get from my used clubs?

"It varies. The newer the club is, the more value you're going to get for it. If you're looking up a driver that's 15 years old, the value will be lower than a club that is 1-3 years old. Every model varies, and it varies based on condition, but you may be surprised at the value you're able to get back from your used golf clubs. I suggest going to TaylorMadeGolf.com/TradeIn to plug in your used golf clubs to quickly check the value."

Why should golfers use the TaylorMade Trade-In Program?

"It's all about convenience. Especially if you're already planning to purchase on TaylorMadeGolf.com, it makes the process incredibly easy and seamless to add trade-ins to your cart. Through this process, you will see exactly how much you will get for your used golf clubs and what the net total of your new purchase will be.

An additional benefit is that you'll get to use the same packaging from your new club(s) to send in your used clubs with a pre-paid shipping label that will be emailed to you."

So, if you're ready to upgrade to the newest TaylorMade golf clubs or just looking to clear out your growing inventory of old golf equipment, TaylorMade's Used Golf Club Trade-In Program is the perfect way to get the most out of your used equipment and stay up-to-date on the latest technology in golf.