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My Golfing Adventure: Jenni Falconer

June 1, 2020
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My entire family play golf but I’d never been that bothered about joining them. Then one day I was watching golf on TV and wondered why I hadn't tried it myself?!? I just had an overwhelming desire to have a go, so my dad took me to the driving range and that was it, I was hooked! That was only 2 and a half years ago.

Many people ask me why golf? Why do you play it? I always say how long have you got!

Firstly, I love the fact that you are out in the fresh air and being active and you can play with people of all abilities – all ages, men and women. I enjoy the camaraderie, the joy and delight of hitting a great stroke. I appreciate the challenge of improving – and the need to practice! I hate my bad shots, but then rejoice on the good days when it all goes to plan.

Who wouldn’t like the fact that you can be out there for 4 hours without any technology! You can put your phone down and for that time you’re not emailing or on zoom conferences, also with the added bonus that you get your daily steps in!

I wouldn’t class myself yet as a golf geek, but I love my golf clubs and especially new kit.. I am like a kid at Christmas when looking at new golf clubs and I never would have thought that I would say this but I’ve been so lucky to play abroad a few times, and I absolutely thrive when I’m out on a beautiful course in hot, sunny weather!

Is Golf For Me?

Before I played, I thought it was just a game that took ages and wasn't very easy for newcomers. In a way I was right because it isn't the easiest game to get started. I would love to help more women give it a go - but they can be put off by the initial expense of clubs, and some clubs can seem intimidating to new golfers. However, there are also so many clubs that are very welcoming and once you have confidence and realise that everyone has to start somewhere, it makes it less daunting.

Golf is such a great sport for everyone - firstly it teaches you discipline, as you need to practice, and understand how each club in your bag is different. It is a great social sport, enabling you to meet new people and strike up great friendships. In the last 2 years I have developed a whole new social life - through golf - with people of all ages, golf abilities and both men and women. I love it. There are competitions to challenge you and for some people , like my husband and myself, it is a lovely way to spend some quality time together - where to be honest all we think and talk about is golf, and we can get quite competitive - but it is a healthy competition!

If you are just starting, appreciate that there will be bad shots, but you will always walk away with one shot that makes you smile, one shot that you will remember. Learn from the bad, relish the good. Practice when you can. And never compare yourself to others, instead just look at how much you improve, and be proud of your own achievements.

Looking for that next tee time!

I truly threw myself in at the deep end when I started, but by playing with so many people I’ve learnt so much and always get excited when I’m heading to the course. I host Smooth Radio’s breakfast show, so I’m free from mid-morning and I collect my daughter from school afterwards. My husband’s getting into golf too having seen the enjoyment I get out of it, so now we both want to get out there! My parents play as well, so when I visit them, I’m a guest at their courses.

I play with a full set of TaylorMade clubs which are amazing - they were fitted so they really are the best for me.


SIM Max D | 10.5 | Ventus Red 5

SIM Max Fairway | 19 | Ventus Red 5

SIM Max Rescue | 22, 25, 28 | Fuji Ventus Blue

SIM Max Irons | 6- PW, AW, SW, LW | Fuji Ventus Blue

Spider X Copper Putter

It’s not that scary.

As I said earlier, golf can be intimidating but once you feel comfortable it’s fantastic.

One experience that helped me was when I went for a club fitting. They assessed my swing so we could see what my strengths and weaknesses were but also determine which clubs would suit my swing or correct it if need be. It was an eye-opening experience as it showed me that by testing out different clubs, you can establish which weight of shaft and which club head would be the most appropriate, also which length and what type of grip would be best suited. The club can literally be perfectly tailored to your swing. This means that when it doesn't go to plan on the course – it's only you that is at fault! Haha!

I loved the experience - it was incredible!

A Girl Can Dream

Since taking up golf 2 and a half years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to play some stunning courses and appreciate how lucky I am. I am a member of the Centurion Club which I absolutely love. I love that each hole has a different challenge to the last, that there's woodland and then some holes are more open with incredible views. I've been a guest at Sunningdale a fair few times and think it is a truly stunning course. I would love to be a member there.

I have also played at Celtic Manor, Wentworth and The Belfry...and at home in Scotland, I have a long list of clubs on my list - so far I have been lucky to tick the Gleneagles and the Renaissance boxes but I would the relish the chance to go round both again.

Golf is now a part of my life and I’m truly so happy that I gave into my urge to try it out one day, there are so many great aspects to it! To anyone and everyone I would ask you to try it, you never know you could fall in love with Golf, just like I have.

Jenni x

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