Best driver for slow swing speeds

Allan Blocker July 1, 2017
Taylor Made Fitting Event

There is no stand-alone best driver for slow swing speeds.

That’s what top TaylorMade Experiential Rep, Freddy Villarta, has learned throughout his years of fitting thousands of golfers. Freddy’s not your everyday club fitter either. He’s San Francisco’s regional TaylorMade expert who performs fittings at some of the world’s most elite golf courses like Pebble Beach, Olympic Club, Pasatiempo… and that’s just scratching the surface.

Freddy has encountered every swing out there and helps golfers with slower swing speeds on a daily basis. If you are a golfer with slower swing speeds (below 75 mph), here’s how to go about maximizing your distance.

Get Fit

The best driver is always a driver that best fits you. A slower average swing speed doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Some equipment manufacturers will push drivers that are “lighter and longer.” Yes, a lighter driver is easier to swing faster, and a longer shaft could create more clubhead speed, but these club characteristics will almost always lead to poorer contact. Contact is a key operative here, as the most important factor for optimal ball speed for slow swing speeds is hitting the center of the clubface.


When Freddy is fitting a golfer with a slower swing speed, the first thing he looks at is contact. Better golfers with slower swing speed can be easier to fit as they more consistently find the center of the face. Though this type of golfer’s swing is slower, their ball speed is consistent, which allows Freddy to focus on optimizing launch and spin—the biggest factors in maximizing distance.

M2 Driver

Golfers with slower swing speeds who do not consistently find the center of the clubface add an additional fitting step before attacking launch and spin. This is where the “lighter and longer” approach proves to be the worst solution for this type of golfer. “Lighter and longer” will make it almost impossible for this type of golfer to find the sweet spot. A skilled fitter like Freddy will leverage shaft weight and length combinations with more forgiving driver heads to help these less consistent ball strikes preserve their ball speed.

Preserving Ball Speed

Golfers who struggle to find the sweet spot need a driver with more stability. The way the golf industry measures stability is MOI (moment of inertia), and our M2 driver has a higher MOI than any other club on the market. This means, the M2 driver is more forgiving than other drivers on off-center hits.

Once improved consistency in speed and impact location is achieved, a fitter can then look into those other key aspects of ball speed optimization in launch and spin.


Get fit. TaylorMade fittings are free, and if you’re serious about getting more distance, it’s the only surefire way to get the perfect driver and shaft combination for your unique swing. We offer TOUR-quality fittings throughout the country that you can find here: