Charley Hull Switches Into SIM and Adds TP5 to the Bag

June 15, 2020
Charley Hull Wentworth 2225

There’s a certain feeling of excitement when you step up to the tee, it doesn’t matter if it’s a round with mates, for your club championship, or a quick 9, there’s no better feeling than being out on the course.

As we’re all searching for the next available tee time, Charley Hull has her eyes set on Brokenhurst Manor as Women’s professional golf make’s its return in the UK for the first event of the Rose Ladies Series.

One thing that you might not know, is that this will be the first time Charley will be able to unleash her SIM driver on Tour. You thought she was a long hitter with M5 driver, watch out for her upgrade!

what’s the process behind getting fit for new products?

Earlier this year Charley met up with TaylorMade Tour Representative, Mark Thistleton at Wentworth and went through a unique fitting session at the TaylorMade Performance Lab.

Every player is different on how they like to test product, some are heavily numbers based, some prefer the feel and then there are multiple combinations of both. At a first glance, you may look at Charley’s session and think there isn’t any structure. But, if you delve deeper and understand Charley as a player, it all makes sense!

“Charley is someone who gives us quick feedback, if it’s something she doesn’t like she won’t continue hitting it, she’ll stop after 1-2 shots and give feedback. For us as fitters this is the best way to work because we can come to a winning conclusion much quicker.”
- Mark Thistleton

Comparing SIM driver to her previous gamer, on the surface you see Charley hitting balls out of the Performance Lab onto the range, there’s a small pause as Mark makes various tweaks to her setup and then, without any warning she walks out onto the range and hits SIM driver, both off the deck and from the tee, picking targets, calling out shots, searching for unpredictable different conditions.

“As soon as she finds something she likes, she has to take it outside to the grass and hit it from the turf to really get a feel for it. Even with a driver. She had to tee it up and feel it off grass to give it the complete test. She’s not someone that looks too much at the data, she leaves that to us! It shows how much of a feel-based player she is.”

Only Performance

During her visit Charley also went through some extensive golf ball testing and immediately saw the benefits of TP5 & TP5x against her current ball. Depending on the club Charley saw a yardage gain of anywhere between 2 and 7 yards. As a feel-based player, we had her attention early on and it just came down to whether Charley preferred TP5 or TP5x.

Charley Hull Wentworth 2040

Playing a strong shaft, probably the strongest of any female on Tour, TP5 offered that little bit extra spin and a flight she was more familiar with, just carrying a little further. Seeing the benefits of combining SIM driver with TP5, Charley gained 1mph clubhead speed and 2-3mph ball speed. This resulted in about half a club gain, but very importantly her dispersion was also much better. Charley was able to consistently manage her spin rates from shot to shot, meaning the collective average was not only longer, but more accurate, it was a no brainer for Charley

Speaking to Mark on her fitting he said "She has the ability that she has the final say in what works for her, she’s opted for performance and chosen to play TP5".

Tune into Sky Sports Golf this Thursday to watch Charley in the first installment of the Rose Ladies Series, she tees off at 12.40pm (BST)!