Fall Major | A Season’s Tradition Staff Bag & Accessories

Tony Starks November 9, 2020
TM20 ACC KY740 Masters LFS JPO 09624

What’s normally the first major of the year is now the last. As we all know, little has been normal about this year. But somehow, as this crown jewel of championship golf returns to a familiar venue it brings with it a sense of calm. Rolling hills, towering pines and perfect conditions. If you’re a golfer, all is right in the world for a brief moment.

With the rich history of this tournament in mind, the 2020 Season’s Tradition Staff Bag pays homage to the majestic course. Drawing inspiration from the caddie jumpsuits that have long been an iconic symbol of the venue, the bags feature a clean, all-white body accented with the tournament’s signature green color and incorporate a distinctive white dogwood floral pattern on the interior lining. The upper striped paneling takes its cue from the unmistakable canopy above the clubhouse entryway.

Open up the ball pocket and you’ll find a pimento cheese liner. Those in the know...know.

Original design renders for A Season's Tradition Staff Bag.
Original design renders for A Season's Tradition Staff Bag.

Accompanying headcover designs feature floral prints in the shape of the TaylorMade logo. Matching white dogwood flowers were selected in honor of hole No. 11, which is the start of golf’s most recognized three-hole stretch. Headcovers are offered for drivers and fairways as well as mallet and blade style putters.

Adding another special touch is the TP5 Peach golf ball, released just in time for the major to begin. With Georgia on our mind, we made this golf ball in celebration of the venue’s home base – The Peach State. Rory McIlroy will have the ball in play as he aims to complete the career grand slam.

All eyes turn to a small town in eastern Georgia, but this time we view it through the lens of autumn.

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TMC20 BAL005 JJA27 M7195501 TP5 Peach Rory LFS JPO 00162
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