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TaylorMade Fitting Events bring golf’s best club-fitting and ball-fitting experiences directly to your hometown. Featuring certified professional fitters, a complete lineup of new TaylorMade products to hit, and state-of-the-art launch monitors, you’ll discover a new level of confidence in your equipment with performance data to back it up. With myFittingExp.com, booking your personalized fitting is simple, convenient, and FREE. New in 2019, we also offer complete ball fitting services to help dial you in to the ball of choice of Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, and more! Find a TaylorMade Fitting Event near you and take your game to the next level with equipment that is custom-tailored for your swing.

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Premier Fitting Locations have been specially selected by TaylorMade to deliver the most advanced fitting experience in golf. Led by an elite staff of professional fitters, golfers will be treated to Tour-level fitting technology and the most extensive lineup of new TaylorMade clubs to hit. Utilizing data-driven feedback, your fitter will find the perfect combination of heads, shafts, and specs, so your new clubs will be the best you’ve ever had in your bag. For fitting appointments, fee information, and more, please contact a Premier Fitting Location near you.


At Certified Fitting Locations, you’ll work directly with trained and educated Taylormade certified fitters to completely dial in your new equipment. With a wide assortment of TaylorMade products to hit, you’ll find the perfect combination of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy throughout your entire bag. To book your fitting appointment and learn more about available fitting technology and pricing, please contact your local Certified Fitting Location.


At Core Fitting locations, you will have the opportunity to experience—and get fit for—the latest TaylorMade Golf equipment and technology. Core fitting facilities have a robust selection of fitting components to find your best performance combination to improve your confidence on the course and help lower your scores. To book an appointment today to discover the full potential of what your game has to offer.

Completely connected to your personal online profile, myFittingExp® is a direct portal to everything you need to analyze and improve your game through personalized club and golf ball fitting experiences. View local events, book fitting appointments, explore your fitting data, and discover club recommendations conveniently in one digital location. Once your profile is created, you can begin the journey to maximizing your potential and unearthing a new level of confidence in your game.

In an ever-evolving game with ever-evolving players, there are many paths to take to discover your full potential. By the end of your personal fitting, you will have the confidence to completely trust your clubs and execute a variety of shots around the course. Golf is a lifelong journey and myFittingExp® is proud to be an active guide for all who navigate its eternal fairways.

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The Kingdom

By Invite Only

Equipped with the game’s most advanced technology and designed with the golfer in mind, a clubfitting experience at The Kingdom is unmatched in the world of golf. Although typically reserved for PGA TOUR players, golf enthusiasts can book an appointment at The Kingdom at their local course or through a TaylorMade Staff Professional.

Working in conjunction with the most skilled fitters in the game, this exclusive experience features all the same advanced technologies that Tour players rely on, including the GEARS System, TrackMan, a state-of-the-art Putting Lab, and more. Additionally, guests will have access to all the latest TaylorMade clubs to completely dial in their performance.

Beyond the most advanced club fitting technologies, The Kingdom itself is a true golf sanctuary. A classically designed clubhouse provides a luxurious gateway to one of the most immaculate ranges in the world. With a beautiful landscape, premier technology, and countless amenities, a fitting at The Kingdom is a special and unique experience for any passionate golfer.

All-inclusive corporate packages are available as well. Please contact KingdomCarlsbad@taylormadegolf.com for more information.

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Reynolds Kingdom of Golf

Presented by TaylorMade
Open to the Public

Once solely reserved for TaylorMade Tour players, this dedicated golf facility is a premier destination for clubfitting. Every golfer’s body and swing is unique to them – height, arm length, hand size, and swing speed all determine how your golf clubs should be designed and fitted. Offering knowledgeable clubfitters, and a variety of fitting options, Reynolds Kingdom of Golf offers precise clubfitting in an inspiring setting.

With your swing data in-hand, you and your Master Club Fitter will select from 10,000+ golf club components to create clubs that will maximize your golf game. With your ideal golf club in-hand, you and your Master Fitter will return to the hitting bay and compare the performance of your old clubs with clubs properly calibrated to your swing.

By the time you leave the Kingdom of Golf, you will have your optimal club recommendations and all the advanced fitting data to back it up.

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