Jason Day Swing Analysis

by Michael Block, PGA

Head Golf Professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club


  • The formula for every great golf swing starts with the setup. Jason exemplifies this perfectly with his strong athletic posture.

Jason Setup.png

Here are 3 keys to look at:

1. His right shoulder is tilted lower than his left shoulder, giving him space to hit up on the ball at impact.

2. His right arm is fully extended, which will help him achieve a wide and deep turn.

3. Jason's wide stance gives him room to fully rotate and fire his hips on the downswing, providing maximum power on every shot.


  • His takeaway is so stable because he takes the club away using the muscles in his upper body and his torso. His shoulders, chest, and back create his swing path and this allows him to keep the clubhead far away from his chest throughout the swing.

Jason Backswing.png

  • At the top of his swing his left shoulder is well past the golf ball, while maintaining minimum hip rotation. This creates massive amounts of torque and all of his power is loaded into his right thigh so he can explode toward the ball.

Jason Top.png


  • His right knee drives directly into the golf ball as he starts his downswing with all of his power geared up and ready to release at impact.

Jason downswing.png

  • At impact is where the magic happens—his hands and shaft angle are in nearly identical positions as they were at address. His head stays behind the golf ball, but his hips are fully cleared so he can have a free pass through impact and release the clubhead.

Jason Impact.png


  • My favorite part about Jason's swing is his beautiful extension all the way through his finish. His arms and shaft are fully extended and down the line, while he stays athletic and level with his upper body and head.

Jason follow through.png

  • He fully accelerates until his swing is completely finished and drives his energy into his tall left leg, creating perfect balance through his golf swing.

Jason finish.png
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